Premium Container Gardens by Garden365

Our premium container gardens are designed to offer a smarter way to cultivate all sorts of plants and vegetables from the comfort of your home, balcony, or patio. The timeless aesthetic of our products is effectively complemented with numerous highly practical features and benefits. It is sure to impress even the most demanding of urban green thumbs and gardenistas.   Cover-page-pic-for-HG

Garden365™ Vertical Container Gardens

Vertical gardening lets you make the most of your gardening space and there has never been an easier way to start. Simply hang this vertical garden on the fence or railing using the supplied universal mounting bracket and you’re all set. The bracket can also be modified for use on flat walls, chain link fences and a variety of other surfaces. Please visit the product page to learn more.   mobile container garden planter on wheels for balcony, deck, or patio

Garden365™ Mobile Container Gardens

Nothing beats the convenience and versatility of mobile planters. They are ideal for any gardeners tired of wrestling with large heavy planters. They also help to let you make the most of your gardening space. In addition, their raised design allows for airflow underneath the container garden thus eliminating moisture problems that could otherwise result with the use of conventional planters on wooden decks and patios.   elevated-garden365

Garden365™ Elevated Container Gardens

Gardening using elevated container gardens offers maximum comfort. The ergonomic design features a raised gardening bed (27″ and 36″ heights) which will enhance your gardening experience and allow you to garden in comfort while you sit or stand. These raised planters can be used indoor and outdoor and offer a large planting area along with a number of practical features. small water garden pond for balcony, deck, or patio
  small water fountain for balcony, deck, or patio

Garden365™ Water Container Gardens

A beautiful water garden or fountain is a relaxing addition to any living space. Garden365™ makes it easy to incorporate a water gardening element into your environment without the hassle and construction typical of conventional water gardens. Each product comes complete with all key components, takes up very little space, and is simple to set up and maintain.  

Container Gardens Designed With You In Mind

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or a regular home, a container garden can be crafted to fit your space. The key to making a container garden work in your space is choosing the right products to suit your gardening and lifestyle needs. Our elevated, mobile, vertical, or water container gardens have been designed with your specific needs in mind.  

Garden in Comfort and Style

Gardening can be hard on the body. Heavy lifting, strenuous work, and all the bending and kneeling can take their toll. Garden365 container gardens have been designed to minimize all those problems. In results, you’ll enjoy gardening even more. They’re also very appealing to look at so your garden will look even more beautiful.  

Year Round Harvests

Miss having access to fresh herbs during the winter? Container gardens eliminate growing limits imposed by traditional growing seasons. They can be brought inside in the winter, and fresh herbs can be grown in a sunlit nook or with the help of a grow light. You can’t find herbs much fresher than that!  

Maintain Less – Enjoy More

Most container gardens use soil-less potting mixtures, which offer a sterile alternative to natural soil. This means fewer weeds, pests, and plant diseases are present to attack your plants. Container gardens also offer the added benefit of gardening on a more compact scale. This means if a pest does enter your garden it is much quicker and easier to get rid of. Set your shovel and rake aside! Container gardens require very little physical maintenance. Most work can be done with your hands or a small gardening trowel.  

Fewer Weeds

Once you plant a container garden long hours spent weeding will be a thing of the past. Planted with sterile potting mix in close proximity to one another, plants in container gardens offer little room for weeds to grow in.  

Expand Your Gardening Possibilities

Maybe you live in the desert but have a love of water gardens, or perhaps you live in a ski basin and have a love of tropical plants. Whatever your gardening preference, container gardens can be designed to suit your needs.  

Pet Friendly

Gardening and house pets often don’t mix. Elevated and vertical container gardens are not easily accessible by most pets putting both your plants and pets out of harm’s way.  

Money Saving Quality

Garden365™ container gardens are built to last and save you money. All of the components are manufactured using enduring materials and coatings so you won’t have to replace them every year.   Garden365 Container Gardens on Balcony. With so many reasons to love container gardening, create your own container garden this season. You’ll be glad you did.