Container Gardening Ideas & Tips

The tips and recommendations featured in the following articles are meant to help avid urban gardeners of all skill levels with common gardening issues.

couples gardening for improved health

Many men and women love to garden and they typically gain substantial health benefits from the process. Gardening is a great hobby for couples to do together. It serves to get partners moving together and it

Growing flowers in containers

I hope these flower container ideas and tips spark your imagination. Let’s start by covering some basics. Flowers typically fall into two categories; annuals and perennials. Large outdoor planters are the perfect way to grow these


Perennials are plants that die back to their roots in winter and grow back again in the spring, year after year. Growing perennials in containers is not difficult. There are lots of beautiful perennials to plant.

Garden365 Hanging Tomato Planter

Hanging tomato planters will make growing tomatoes on your deck, balcony, or patio a cinch. They offer many advantages over conventional planters. Tomato plants can grow very large and require a lot of support to keep

Growing Tomatoes In Pots

Growing tomatoes in pots is a great way to make the most of your patio or balcony garden. With a bit of care, growing tomatoes in pots can yield sweet, large and delicious fruit. Start with

Container gardening is a great way for beginners to get growing. Many popular herbs, vegetables, and flowering plants can be grown with ease in container gardens. The first step starts by deciding what you want to

Organic garden pest control is a great way to grow healthy plants without the use of harsh chemicals. There is no shortage of tiny, opportunistic insects ready to invade your garden. With planning and basic care

It doesn’t matter how expansive your raised garden is. Whether you only have a small container garden, or even if you are exclusively an indoor gardening enthusiast. Your plants can all benefit from the use of

Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Anti inflammatory herbs make an excellent addition to your garden and dinner table. These delicious plants are rich in bioflavonoids and polyphenols. Both of these beneficial substances help reduce free-radical production in the body. Anti inflammatory

The first step to creating a flourishing planter is to choosing the best potting soil that will work with you. In order to grow healthy plants, a growing medium must be able to consistently supply water

Flowers are the perfect complement to container gardens. We hope our edible flowers list makes it easier for you to incorporate them. Brightly colored and sweetly scented, they liven up any green space, especially patios and

Companion Planting Article

Life is better in good company. The plant world in no different. Companion planting pairs two or more plants together to promote their growth and survival. Plants simply help each other by providing one another with

Best Balcony Plants Article

Balconies are a great opportunity to let your creativity blossom. A little prep will go a long way in selecting the best balcony plants for your garden oasis. From flowers, herbs, and vegetables, to fruits trees,

As children we are all taught to be thankful for the trees that provide us with clean air to breathe. However it is easy to overlook the multitude of other plants. These big and small plants

Container gardens offer a fantastic advantage when it comes to meeting the water needs of plants. Unlike a traditional garden, where watering must be done more generally on a large scale, a container garden creates a

Fragrant and full of taste, herbs are a favorite of gardeners and cooks alike. And you can learn how to grow herbs indoors if you’re new to planting or gardening. It’s super easy! The other beauty

What gardener could resist the opportunity to provide organic produce for family and friends out of their own backyard garden? It’s easy to feel limited by space, resources and time when creating a garden, especially in