Garden365 Hanging Garden (5 Pack)

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  • Includes 5 hanging garden planters for max savings.
  • Patented design makes better use of gardening space.
  • Installs securely almost anywhere in minutes.
  • Easy to hang and move around.
  • Self watering for ease of maintenance.
  • Made using recycled plastic.
  • Large capacity for tomatoes, herbs, and flowers.
  • Eliminates weeding, caging and staking.
  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Create a hanging garden in minutes.

There has never been an easier way to start a vertical garden. Simply hang this hanging garden planter on the fence or railing using the supplied universal mounting bracket and you’re all set. The bracket can also be modified with ease for use on flat walls, chain link fences and a variety of other surfaces. In addition, this hanging garden planter can be taken down in seconds for seeding or replanting.

Make the most of your gardening space.

Vertical gardening is a great way to harvest more herbs and vegetables from the same garden footprint, especially if your garden oasis is limited to a patio, deck, or balcony. If you prefer growing flowers, the hanging garden will allow you to add colorful flower arrangements to just about anywhere. The supplied hanging bracket offers countless possibilities. Make your mark on boring walls, doorways, windows, railings, or fences and wow everyone with your creative green thumb.

Garden with ease and comfort.

Mounting your hanging garden at a comfortable gardening height will eliminate needless bending or kneeling. In addition, you can also use this hanging garden to grow tomatoes and other vine plants vertically without caging and staking. Large water capacity and the self watering feature will also make it easier to care for your plants. These simple yet functional features will go a long way in making gardening more enjoyable. Vertical gardening has never been easier.


Buy with confidence

Garden365 products are well built and we stand behind them 100%. We work hard to keep our customers happy. We’re pleased to offer a 30 day, hassle free money back guarantee, so you can buy our products with confidence. Try the Garden365 Hanging Garden risk free today.

  • Walter

    Thanks for helping me with my order. I’m a loyal fan and I couldn’t wait to add this one to the collection. The large volume is great for flower arrangements. I got tomatoes and herbs started in the rest. I’ll post some pictures as I go. Thanks again Tom!

  • Walter

    Thanks for helping me with my order. I’m a loyal fan and I couldn’t wait to add this one to the collection. The large volume is great for flower arrangements. I already got tomatoes and herbs started in two and flowers in the rest. I’ll post some pictures shortly. Thanks again!

    • Walter

      Here are some photos as promised. The plants are still small but I’m sure they’ll look fantastic in a few weeks or so once they take. I can’t wait to watch them grow. Great job guys:)

      • Thank you for choosing my products and sharing your wonderful arrangement. It’s off to a fantastic start already.

  • RXQT

    Loving my planters so far! They look fantastic and all of my plants (cherry tomatoes, persian cucumbers, peppers, and various herbs) are growing like crazy. Very easy to setup and maintain. Can’t wait to see how everything will do in the long run. Thanks!

    • That looks awesome! Great job with the setup and thank you for sharing:)

  • Linda Walker

    Love by planters, but two of my brackets have broken. Is there a way to get replacement brackets? I’m not sure how to put them up this year wihtou thte brackets!