Garden365 Water Garden

  • All inclusive kit comes with air pump and all fittings.
  • Assemble in minutes and enjoy without any digging.
  • Double walled design helps to keep fish healthy.
  • Air supply assembly is elegantly concealed.
  • Enjoy for years thanks to quality materials and build.
  • Manufactured in US using foreign and domestic parts.
  • Temporarily Sold Out. Please join our mailing list for updates.

water garden-drawing

Enrich your garden oasis with aquatic life

Aquatic life will provide a touch of tranquility to any urban living space. Garden365™ Water Garden makes it easy to incorporate a water gardening element into your environment without the hassle and commitment of an in-ground pond. It’s easy to give water gardening a try and you can always convert this product to a conventional container garden should you decide to do so at any time.


Enjoy in minutes without digging or construction

Garden365™ Water Garden comes complete with all essential components and is easy to set up on any balcony, patio or indoors. Simply assemble the water garden and begin enjoying its relaxing effects in less than an hour. You don’t have to worry about digging a hole or constructing a frame around it. In addition, unlike an in ground pond, you can take this water garden with you if you decide to move.


Spend time relaxing not on maintenance

A large garden pond requires a lot of commitment in terms of space and time. Garden365™ Water Garden only requires a fraction of both. Its modest capacity makes maintenance a breeze. Its 15 gallon volume can accommodate most aquatic plants and small decorative fish. Plants and fish take care of each other. Plants provide oxygen for the fish, while fish provide nutrients for the plants leaving you to relax in comfort.


Drought fighting design for greater piece of mind

Plants in container gardens are very vulnerable to drought because they can’t draw water from the depths of the earth. Garden365 container gardens are not only made of a non-porous material, they are double walled like a cooler which greatly helps to slow water from evaporating. In short, Garden365 planters will provide your plants with added protection against drought and you with greater piece of mind.

Container Garden Planter

Built for a lifetime of enjoyment

Unlike fiberglass water gardens which are brittle and prone to cracking and blistering, Garden365 Water Garden is made of double-walled, flexible polyethylene material. This durable material is weather, ultraviolet, and chemically resistant so you don’t have to worry about cracks, dents or scratches. As a result, your Garden365 Water Garden will stay beautiful for years of worry free enjoyment.


Buy with confidence

Garden365 products are well built and we stand behind them 100%. We work hard to keep our customers happy. We’re pleased to offer a 30 day, hassle free money back guarantee, so you can buy our products with confidence. Try Garden365 risk free today.