About Garden365™

Garden365 was founded by Tom Korzen, an accomplished industrial designer and avid gardener. Tom was tired of using poorly designed products and envisioned an innovative new line of premium modern container gardens that is truly in tune with changing lifestyle trends and demands. He set out to design products that adapt to user needs and provide a means to cultivate all sorts of plants and vegetables, year round, from the comfort of your home or patio. Tom’s dreams materialized with the launch of the Elevated and Mobile gardens in 2010. They were an instant success and paved the way for other container gardening products in his collection. The manufacturing and distribution of the Garden365 product line was consequently licensed to Myers Industries in Middlefield, Ohio, in an effort to allow Tom more time to do what he does best. Tom continues to lead the development of Garden365. The timeless aesthetic of his products is effectively complemented with numerous highly practical features, sure to impress even the most demanding of gardeners. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Garden365.

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