Taking care of plants

taking care of plants

Watching and caring for your plants is one of the most rewarding experiences that gardening has to offer. Your first job is to ensure your plants have the necessary nutrients for them to thrive. The basics are covered in the Nutrients section.

A few other clever tricks will also help you to push your plants to reach their maximum potential. For example:

  • Flowers will bloom more abundantly if blossoms are removed as they wilt and fade. This process is referred to as dead-heading and it prevents flowers from going to seed.
  • Vegetables produce better yields if fruits are picked as they mature.
  • When choosing a container for single perennials and houseplants, choose one that is 1 or 2 inches larger all around than the previous pot. Plants do not like new pots to be too big, although they do like to be able to grow into them a little.
  • Plants that wilt even though you water them frequently may be suffering from heat stress. Try placing the container in a spot where only the leaves are exposed to direct sunlight, or insulating the pot by placing it in another larger container to create a rudimentary airpocket to help regulate temperature. Garden365 planter are double walled for that purpose.
  • Pinching out the growing tip at the top of a plant a little before it reaches its maximum height will encourage branching and bushiness, creating a fuller and healthier looking plant. This can also encourage further flowering and fruiting in some plants.